Hewell Family Tarentaise

The Hewell Family, like all rural southern families, always kept a milk cow or two on the property.

Is in 1956, that Harold & Grace Hewell purchased the first farm for a Commercial Beef Herd. The first cattle were Black Angus in breeding. Years later, Chester Hewell purchased a Santa Gertudis Bull and started breeding this in to the herd. In the 1980's, Sandra and Chester Hewell started a Registered Herd of Red Brahman Cattle. Having great success in selling and showing, they purchased two more farms for cattle production.

The registered herd was sold due to Health problems back to it's originating state of Texas around 1990. It was around this same time that another farm was bought by Harold and Grace Hewell.


Heifer Calves

Calves coming in September 2012